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Hello to anyone who sees this or trawls back through time and sees this, this blog is where anyone can have a say. Reviews, opinion pieces, comedic articles. From the whimsical to the DEADLY serious (sorry I couldn’t resist), so if you’re interested in writing, no qualifications needed just creativity and interest in writing. So anyway, goodbye for now, before I go, anyone who’s interested should hit me up at koolio2121@gmail.com- (yes I know that e-mail is old- don’t judge me). For now, go check out the other articles here- be free, bye, da svidanya, adios ,odabo, au revoir, arrivedaci.


My thoughts,

There’s no structure,

Ryhme or,



A moment here,

Rushing there,

No order,

To my,



Thousand miles an hour,




Can’t stop this,



Can’t end this,

Round in circles,

Can’t end this,





Empty but full,

Full of the nothing,








Then bursting with ideas,

But they just don’t fit the page and format,

And the world can’t restrict the words and the power,

And I can’t control it at all,

My mind is,


My heart is pulled,





Twisted around,


I see you,

I want you,

A metre’s a mile,

When I’m away,

From you,


I want to be close,

To handle,

To hold,

To pull you close,

Embrace you,

Chase you,

Love you,

But there is nowt back from you,

It’s fucked













​Just leave me,

Why are you here?

When I don’t need you,

Why do you care?

I’m not your problem,

Why can’t I have my peace?

And have some space to breathe,

Why can’t you just leave?
I’m alone,

Why am I here?

You ran from them,

Why do I cry?

You needed them,

Why am I still restless?

And still consumed by woe,

Why did I tell them to go?
Back for me,

Why are you here?

You don’t need me,

Why do you care?

I just give pain,

Why do you stay with me?

When you’re much more than me,

How could you even care?

The Misery of Ecstasy

Got real dramatic with this title, does it suit the poem? Well you can be the judge of that, and with no further ado here it is:





















Deserve you.
Then a rush of life,

Some adreniline,

Back again,

I am alive,

I enjoy life,


The high returns,

People- I love them,

Life – I love it,

Friends – I’ve got them,

Why do I never learn?
Then it slips away,

And all I feel is fury,

Why can’t you stay?!

Dear happiness of mine,

I hate emotions,

Hate the world,

Hate my so-called friends,

But most of all,

Worst of all

I truly hate myself,
Then I try to detach,

Nothing matters,

No-one matters,

Humans are just,

Pointless, hopeless,

All is binary,


People don’t matter,

Life- meaningless,


It’s all a sham,
Then a rush of life,


Back again,

Why do I never learn?

Getting Better

Here’s the second and way more recent follow-up to “R”. It’s a bit more hopeful and inspiring, and is where I’m at right now in relation to the story of “R”.
​I’m getting better,

Less obsessive,

Less possessive,

Getting better

And the thoughts are still there,

The feelings still there,

My words still there,

My mind still there,

The yearning still there,

But I don’t care,

When you are here with me

The wants that used to dominate,

They’re still present,

They’re still potent,

They still exist,

They still persist,

But I am stronger now,

And they are not.

I dreamed of hugging you,

Of grabbing you,

Of holding you,

Of kissing you,

Of loving you,

But now I know,

A dream is just a dream

So friend I won’t forget,

The thoughts I’ve had,

Feelings I’ve had,

The dreams I’ve had,

The love I’ve had,

They’ll always be a part of me,

But I’m getting better now.
As usual feedback is welcome just put it down in ye olde comments.

The Chase

​Here’s my chronologically first follow-up to ‘R’, because even though I wasn’t posting on here I was still writing. It’s pretty short but I feel like extending it any longer would dilue it.
I’m done, chasing this isn’t worth it.
Stealing my thoughts day after day,

Taking my focus without even knowing,

Invoking a madness deep in my mind,

Looking for this is a messed up game,

Loss is sweet release.
Why must this possess my thoughts?

And steal my concentration,

Nothing’s worth this much pain,

The chase just isn’t worth it.
If only I could break this chain,

Take my sanity back again.

So, as per usual, tell me what you think in the comments.

Back from the brink

​So I’ve been absent for so so very long but I’m back baby! And in these shitty times I have more than enough inspiration to keep going and if all goes to plan there’s gonna be something new every day. And hopefully in the near future it’ll be more than just poems and disorganised thought. If you’ve got any suggestions for what I should do then comment on this post. Otherwise farewell I will see you very very soon with a double billing of follow ups to ‘R’ (because I love you people that much).

Old Man Logan #10 review

This is the second issue of the Last Ronin arc based in Japan,I absolutely adore Old Man Logan and this issue doesn’t disappoint at all.Beware of minor spoilers ahead but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.

The book has two parts, Logan imprisoned by the Silent Order in the present and a flashback from the past based in the time period between the original Old Man Logan book and the superhero genocide which Jeff Lemire has been filling in since issue one. The idea being that Logan tried to get out of America and go to Japan with the idea that maybe the world outside of the USA isn’t so bad- which was a great mistake. This turned out for the worse and he encountered the Silent Order, a sort of Japanese ninja order. The way that this book continues he gets in an ensuing fight and circumstances which possibly lead to him revealing that he was Wolverine to Maureen (as at this point in the story she has no idea) and there’s also a big fight on the horizon for the past. On this front the art and colours continue to be amazing and this book is just a beauty to look at.

Moving on to the present, Logan is imprisoned by the Silent Order in a pretty interesting way and there actually isn’t a massive amount of progression in the book but it still keeps a hold on you throughout. There’s not a massive amount to say about what happens in the present apart from commending the beautiful double-page spreads but as per usual it’s amazing. It seems to be leading up to a massive badass fight next issue which I’m totally looking forward to.

Beautiful, grizzled and insightful: 8.5/10




Here’s a more personal one:



I wish that I could dump my emotions,
I wish these chemicals wouldn’t fly,
I wish that I could feel like any other guy,
But I’m going through the motions,
And my heart is feeling torsion.

Why can’t I accept that we’ll never be?
Why can’t I search for someone else?
Why is it that when I close my eyes I see you and nothing else?
Why must I have all these questions and none of the answers?

I know that you don’t feel this way,
And I’m lucky to have you as a friend,
But I can’t help but wish for more,
I yearn for you through to my core,
And I can’t help these things that I feel,

Your beautiful smile brightens my life,
You’re funny and smart,
Always chill- even through strife,
I’ve always found you so damn sexy,
I want your body,
And so much more,
And It tears me apart,
To know that you’ll never be mine,

I know that there’s no goddamn point,
You’ve told me how you really feel,
But I want you still
Hormones flying and sexual frustration,
I want you and I want you now,
But this damn feeling’s just one-sided

Oh how I’ve wished you loved me,
I’ve dreamt and dreamt a thousand dreams,
Some tame and some illicit,
But all with you and I,
But a dream’s just a dream,
And the pain and the struggle are real life.

So go out there and be great,
I’ll be with you,
Right by your side- with you I’ll stay,
And go find someone great,
Don’t let anybody call you ugly,
Don’t let anybody hurt you,
Cos I love every inch of you,
And I’ll always be here

The flames

Here’s something different- hope ya enjoy it.

There’s a fire flaring up,

I can no longer keep it in,

Burning down my tolerance,

I can no longer keep it in,

The flames flicker and dance,

I can no longer keep it in,

My spirit’s chains are melting,

I can no longer keep it in,

They don’t deserve my mercy,

I can no longer keep it in,

They stoked this fire in me,

I can no longer keep it in,

So they can burn with me,

I can no longer keep it in,

So I let it out.

It’s all gone and I feel better,

But so much worse,

The hearth is cold and the coals burnt out,

Yet I feel worse,

I thought revenge would be sweet,

Yet I feel worse,

They deserved this-they caused this,

Yet I feel worse,

Alone- free from torment,

Yet I feel worse,

There’s no-one here to stoke the flames,

Yet I feel worse,

Thought freeing it would end the cycle,

Yet I feel worse,

Thought letting it go would set me free,

Yet I feel worse,

The red haze is lifted,

Yet I feel worse,

The blood on my knuckles,

Yet I feel worse,

The fear in their eyes,

Yet I feel worse,

They caused this yet I’m condemned,

And I feel worse.

Old Man Logan #3 review

So, in case you didn’t know I LOVE Old Man Logan and it’s my favourite ongoing comic right now, I love Sorrentino’s art ,Jeff Lemire’s writing and Maiolo’s colours- this issue doesn’t disappoint . Minor spoilers ahead, so here we go!

This issue starts at a crawl action-wise however you get an insight into Logan’s character and that’s basically the point of this issue, the cover sort of promises a Hawkeye versus Logan but it’s more of an emotional issue than that. It seems that we’ll get a scene from Logan’s past every issue and I love it, these are especially great for people (like me) who haven’t read the original Old Man Logan and/or the Secret Wars miniseries,this makes the idea of his family being dead hits home more as you truly see how much he loved them. As the issue progresses he seems more and more ruthless and the insertion of another character (Hawkeye) shows us that his activity isn’t normal and we are forced to actually question his actions and wonder whether we actually support him. We begin to truly understand that Logan is not willing to take any risks and is willing to ignore any evidence suggesting that this may not be his Earth.  or not and the ending sets up an issue which will be either really dialogue-heavy or action packed. Either way I’m looking forward to it.

Issue summary: An issue which is deep but light on action. 7.5/10.